Cleantech Acceleration

We offer a 10-16-week program twice a year to a cohort of up to six (6) teams selected through a rigorous due diligence process, similar to the one that would be done by potential investors in your business. We provide financial support, and we guide you through the building of a sound business project and an attractive presentation to potential investors (VCs and financial angels) at the end of the cohort and to the public during the Green Light Event.

In order to do so we offer mentoring, coaching, training and networking workshops. We adapt our support to each team’s specific needs, and help you set your specific goals and milestones to get there. The training workshops are for all, and are intended to help you identify your specific needs and give you the tools to perform. 

If you need more, we’ll help you find the mentors and resources you need to achieve your milestones. The networking workshops will be adapted to your specific needs. We’ll give you access to strategic intelligence, a network of investors (VCs and Angels), potential customers and/or partners, experienced entrepreneurs, and top executives, all to help you accelerate your business.

Training workshops

Training workshops cover areas such as:

  • Value proposition
  • Marketing and global markets
  • Financing
  • Investment management
  • Product/technology presentation
  • Administration and governance
  • Strategy and focus
  • Negotiation

Networking workshops

We will present the participating companies to various local, national and international networks in order to make strategic contacts as quickly as possible.

Mentoring and coaching

No companies are totally alike. We understand this and we offer you the opportunity to learn from successful and inspiring entrepreneurs, senior executives and professionals through the large Cycle Momentum network. An exhaustive list of mentors have accepted to give you some time because they believe in entrepreneurship and clean technologies, and to hold formal and regular meetings with them (it could be through teleconferencing and videoconferencing, since some mentors live abroad).

Green Light Event

The program culminates with a 7 to 10 minutes private pitch at the Green Light Event, in which the companies present their plans to investors, supporters and potential early customers, and other stakeholders in the clean technologies and business community. Presentations are followed by a networking event, where one on one conversations between entrepreneurs, investors and other participants come naturally.

The Green Light Event is held at the end of each cohort and is an invitation-only event.

Other benefits

  • Free membership to the cleantech industrial cluster Ecotech Quebec (for one year);
  • Discounted costs for securing IP rights (i.e., Freedom-to-operate analysis)