Requirements and Criteria

Agtech Acceleration


The Agtech Accelerator Program – Powered by Zone Agtech is looking for the best projects in the agricultural sector that are likely to have a positive impact on the environment. To qualify, these must be at a pre-seed or seed stage and offer an innovative product or service in the Agtech and bioproducts sector. Moreover, the projects must have a technical maturity level of TRL5 or higher. Please note that priority will be given to candidates from companies registered with the REQ (Registraire des entreprises du Québec) who fulfill the following basic requirements:

Submit a project in the agricultural sector that is likely to have a measurable, positive impact on the environment

Be the acting head of a business supported by an additional person who is part of your entrepreneurial team

Be motivated and committed to participate in the program for a minimum of 5-8 hours per week

Invest $750 in the program

Complete the program's application form, which includes: a business plan questionnaire, a pitch deck, and a 90-second video presentation of the company (elevator pitch format)

Selection Criteria

Our decision-making process is guided by established criteria. Your project must:

Offer a solution that increases food self-sufficiency or provides an adaptation to climate change

Be located in the Zone Agtech or commit to being located there at the end of the program

Focus on developing an innovative product or service that will reduce Quebec's carbon footprint

Demonstrate that the proposed product or service meets a market need and has significant growth potential

Submit a project built on a technology that is not infringing on existing ones and is subject to strong IP protection. The company must also be the originator of this intellectual property or hold a majority of the exploitation rights.

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