Agtech Acceleration

The Agtech Accelerator Program – Powered by Zone Agtech is aimed at pre-seed or seed stage companies that offer an innovative product or service in the Agtech and bioproducts sector. To be eligible, the projects must have a technical maturity level of TRL5 or higher. This program is offered in partnership with Zone Agtech.

A cohort of five companies, identified through a rigorous selection process, will be offered an immersive program extending over a period of approximately 16 weeks. The goal of this program is to guide and support entrepreneurs through the accelerated growth of their innovative and clean technology projects in the agriculture sector. More specifically, you will be asked to:

  • Define your value proposition in a clear and convincing way
  • Challenge, validate, and improve your technology proposal (prototype) with a user-partner
  • Plan the commercialization of your project
  • Create an innovative organizational structure
  • Develop an effective and intelligent funding strategy
  • Present your project to a group of users, investors (VCs and angels), and financial organizations.

In order to do so we will provide support with mentoring and coaching as well as training and networking workshops.

Powered by Zone Agtech

Training Workshops

We offer 16 training workshops designed specifically to address the reality of entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector who are spearheading innovative projects that have a positive impact on the environment. Training workshops cover areas such as:

  • Value proposition
  • Pilot project validation
  • Market analysis and marketing control
  • Financing
  • Organizational culture
  • Implementation in an operating environment
  • Marketing and commercialization
  • Introduction of the product or technology in the Agtech and agricultural ecosystem
  • Personal growth for entrepreneur

Networking Workshops

Your company will be introduced to key actors in Quebec and Canada’s Agtech and agriculture ecosystem, so that you can quickly enrich your business network with strategic contacts.

Pilot Project Validation

Your company will be matched with a user-partner who will challenge, validate, and improve your technology proposal (prototype). This privileged relationship with an agricultural partner can potentially lead to implementation of your technology in a real-world operating environment
TRL 7.

Mentoring and Coaching

Through coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn from specialized, experienced, and successful business entrepreneurs.

Presentation Day

The final step in the program consists in giving a brief presentation to a group of users, investors, and financial organizations. Leading up to this, you will have access to a prep session that will allow you to sharpen your skills to deliver a powerful presentation of your innovation and your company.